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If you are looking for GPS tracking for events, Scout GPS Trackers, GPS Trackers that can be used on Duke of Edinburgh, or tracking on personal challenge, we have a solution for you.

Tracking for Events from only £10 + P&P  (all inc)

No hidden costs. All the following features can be enabled for events

Multi Day Live Tracking

Leaderboard / Timing

Playback and download traces

Company or Sponsor Logo / Weblink

Watch tracking progress from your phone, tablet or PC. Tracking is great fun, and great for safety too. Suitable for hiking, running, cycling and motorsports.

If you are looking for split-second RFID Timing we can also supply this for your event; standalone. or comined with tracking.

 Hire a GPS tracker (no need to create a website account here)

 Race Drone works in almost every country, not just the UK

Read GPS Tracker Hire reviews and feedback from past users of Race Drone

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