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Welcome to the Race Drone website.  This website and it's associated mobile phone app has been created to answer the needs of  challenge/event participants, and event organisers Worldwide.

GPS Tracking benefits to event participants and their supporters

  • Spectators at home more engaged with the event, following progress
  • Support crews/relay teams know when and where converge
  • The lowest cost event tracking there is!

Benefits to event organisers

  • Valuable aid to race safety: Locate or guide missing participants
  • Checkpoints deployed on time and know when to expect participants
  • Increased awareness of the event, & the organisation, as the tracking link is shared on social media

How does it work?

As an event participant, you have two options.  

  • Install a small mobile phone app which runs in the background and sends periodic updates to the Race Drone website.  The app is designed to minimise battery use, and tests have given over 24 hours use with battery life to spare. 

​          or

  • If you don't own a smartphone, don't want to use one, or you are participanting in a long/multi day event, you can hire one of our mini GPS trackers from our dedicated website.  These have a week long battery life, and transmit loctaion on all mobile networks, virtually eliminating coverage blank spots.

Next, login and join an event or challenge on the race Drone website. If you don't see your event, we can create it for you at no cost. You share the Race Drone website tracking link with friends, and family, and any support crew, via email and social media.  When you start the event, your location will be displayed on the website. This shows the local map and route of the event.

Viewing your location brings excitement to those watching from home, and peace of mind, knowing where you are.  If you have a support crew, then they can use their own mobile device to see your location, and know when and where to meet you en-route.

This is a global platform for the World stage. Welcome to a new era of event tracking.

If you need more information, just email us at: