If you are interested in hiring a dedicated tracker, rather than use your mobile phone as  tracker, see our dedicated website at



I am a race organiser, how does it work?

1. Contact us and let us do it for all for you.  


What kinds of events is this Race Drone suitable for?

Running, Walking, Cycling, Car or Motorcycle. Anything you like in fact!


Do I need to hire or carry a special tracking device?

Yes, you can hire a dedicated device from our GPS Tracker Hire website. The trackers are best suited for longer challenges, or when in remote locations.


Instead, you can use your mobile phone as a GPS tracker.and setup as follows~:


          1. Create a Race Drone account on the website

2. Find a race you want to participate in, and click the Request Add button

3. The Race Director will approve you as a participant (some may charge a small fee typically £5)

4. Download and install the app to your mobile phone app. (from the homepage)

5. In the App settings add your Race Drone website Username.

6. Share the event URL with your friends and family and get support as you race!

7. On race day, start the app, and put your phone away.

8. After the event, download and view your tracks


So how does the tracking mobile phone App actually track me?

The app finds your location using the phones inbuilt GPS and sends the location to the.  Race Drone website. It does this using your data allowance (mobile network costs may apply). Your location will then be shown on the event website, on an online Google map or Ordnance Survey map.


How much does it cost to be tracked in each event?

              It costs from £10 to hire a dedicated tracker. If you are using your mobile as a tracker it costs £5 per event


How often will my position be updated if I use the mobile app?

It's up to you. You can set it to 1 minute right through to 24 hours.  If you set it to 10 minutes or more then the app will use little battery power.


How often will my position be updated if I use a dedicated tracker

15 seconds to 90 seconds usually.


Does the mobile app or tracker need a mobile signal to work?

The app will use the mobile phone network, or it will send updates to the website if connected to a wifi network. We offer different dedciated trackers, some use the mobile network, others transmit direct to satellite. See our www.expedition-tracking.com website for details


What happens if some of the event route does not have data coverage on my mobile network?

The app will re-try a couple of times and will then wait to update to the website next time there is a signal.


What happens if my phone loses power during the event?

The app will not update when it is powered off, but it will start sending updates as soon as your phone is powered. You do not need to restart the app, it will start up again


Does it use a lot of my mobile phone data allowance?

It does use data, so charges apply, but it sends a very small update, so you will not use much data allowance at all


What happens when I finish the race?

Open up the Race Drone App and click "Stop" to stop sending location updates


What happens if I forget to Stop the app tracking? Can people still track me?

Event tracking will be disabled at midnight following the end of the event


I have more questions?

Email us at info @ beyondmarathon . com